December 19th, 2018

Are you looking to invest, but worried about making a wrong decision?

Discover some of the considerations that you should take into account when you are looking to make sensible investment decisions.


Are you concerned about making an ill-advised investment arrangement?

Are you currently looking to invest a lump sum of money?
Are you concerned about making a wrong decision?

Trying to make investments can seem a daunting task.  The risk of getting it wrong can leave people procrastinating for a long time.  Of course, doing nothing can often mean your capital is losing value in real terms.

What questions should you be asking in order to get the right investment?

There are so many considerations when one is looking at investments;

What are your financial goals?
What is the appropriate mix for you in terms of risk and reward?
Are you saving in a tax efficient way?

By answering these questions it is more likely that you will obtain the most appropriate investment solution for your situation.


Making investments
Richard Cohen discusses the finer points of making an investment


What are the considerations when making an investment?

 When making an investment there are aspects to think about in order to ensure your money is invested successfully.

You should think about the long term.

The longer the period of investment the easier it is to ride out any short term volatility and still do well.

One shouldn’t chase past performance.

Current market expectations and the current state of the World are much more reliable indicators than past performance to provide an insight into how particular investments are likely to perform.

Ensure your investments are regularly reviewed

Just because an investment is doing well doesn’t mean that it won’t change.  It is, therefore, important to regularly review investments to ensure your money is always being utilised in the optimum way.

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